Early Years Foundation Stage  

Age Group: 3 to 5 Years old
Classes: FS1 – FS2
Curriculum: EYFS - Smiling Minds and Busy Hands

Our highly stimulating curriculum in the Early Years, “Smiling Minds and Busy Hands”, offers an exciting range of continuous and enhanced provisions, planned to nurture curiosity and imagination through play.

We strongly believe that children have a ‘window of opportunity’ during the early stages of learning, and work in close partnership with parents to ‘make learning irresistible’ by tapping children’s imagination and inquisitiveness

Children’s welfare and personal development is at the heart of our Early Years curriculum. Our welcoming and stimulating learning environment encourages children to be physically active and exuberant, offering children different perspectives in learning which acts as a catalyst for children to thrive, without fear of failure.

Our creative curriculum provides opportunities to develop skills that make them successful learners, confident individuals and responsible global citizens, which will help them thrive in the classroom and the world beyond. We motivate children to explore, ask questions, take risks, investigate, be creative, and discover the world around them. It is a broad, balanced and differentiated programme of study, complying with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

Making the most of a young child’s enthusiasm for communication and discovery, a vibrant and creative curriculum is designed to ensure opportunities for all students to succeed. Play-based learning approaches ignite children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge, encouraging them to learn at their own pace.

A range of practical and creative activities develop social interaction, imagination, observation, exploration and investigation.

It promotes the skills, knowledge and attitudes children should acquire in the seven areas of learning:

Prime Areas of Learning:
 •    Personal, Social and Emotional Development
 •    Physical Development
 •    Communication and Language

Specific Areas of Learning:
 •    Literacy
 •    Mathematics
 •    Understanding of the World
 •    Expressive Arts and Design